How Much Is The Washington Marijuana Tax?

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    Is there a tax in Washington, and if so, how much is it?

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    Tax do apply on certain conditions say for instance you are selling a product from other state to people in Washington you don’t have to impose tax on them but if you are also in Washington and selling a product to a person in Washington then you have to impose taxes. This is how the system usually works simple and easy to understand.

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    How much is the washington tax on marijuana? Well, there is a 37 percent tax on pot. These taxes are collected by state department of liquor and revenue. The amount of revenue collected is continuing to increase year over year. This tax was voted and legislated by the state congress.

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    Washington state’s recreational marijuana law has a new tax structure under a measure signed into law.The new law eliminates the current three-tier tax structure and replaces it with a single excise tax of 37 percent at the point of sale — a change sought by the legal-pot industry. To encourage more cities and counties to allow marijuana businesses, the bill directs the state to share pot revenue with jurisdictions that do so.

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