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    Is there a tax in Oregon, and if so, how much is it?

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    On January 4th, 2016 the state of Oregon enacted a 25% point of sale tax for recreation marijuana sold by dispensaries. Medical marijuana is still untaxed. There is also a permanent tax rate on recreation marijuana of 17%. This year of 2016 the state of Oregon expects to collect approximately $43 million dollars in tax revenue from recreation marijuana use.

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    Right now the tax is 25 percent for sales in medical dispensaries and this will continue until 12/31/16. After that the base tax rate will be 17%. However, up to 3% additional local taxes will be allowed depending on city and county law. So the tax will be between 17 and 20% after 12/31/16. It is estimated the state will collect 43 million in pot taxes this year which is larger then initially expected.

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    Oregon imposed a 25 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana sales. The tax will eventually be replaced with a 17 percent state tax once the Oregon Liquor Control Commission assumes control over recreational marijuana sales later this year.

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