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    How much does marijuana cost per gram, eight and ounce in Washington.

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    The price of marijuana depends on strain and quality, but you can expect marijuana prices to be between the cost $10 and $30 per gram.Washington D.C.

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    It depends on the quality and your location. I will try to give you averages but without getting a specific location in Washington, it’s hard to give you an exact price currently being reported. For higher grade or medical marijuana, the current price is generally $10-20 per gram, typically 30-50$ per eighth but some places as low as $20 and some strains in certain places could go for $100 an eighth, and ounces typically range from $200-$500. Keep in mind a recent flood of retailers has caused a significant plummet in prices of marijuana in Washington recently.

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    It depends on what your location is, whether you are using legal or illegal means, the certain strain of marijuana, and whether you have a prescription, but in general, marijuana will cost around $10-$20 per gram, $25-$50 per eighth, and $300-$600 per ounce. It is likely that if you have a prescription it would in general be a little bit cheaper.

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