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      How much does marijuana cost per gram, eight and ounce in Oregon.

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      How much does pot cost in oregon depends on a few different factors. Do you live in the city? Do you live in the country? If you live in the city the costs will be higher than in the city. If you want buds they will cost your more . If you want the hybrids, which are stronger you will pay more also. If you buy more than an ounce, you can negotiate a discount too.

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      Like weed prices everywhere, the cost of marijuana in Oregon fluctuates depending on the quality and availability of the given marijuana. Prices can range from about $200 an ounce to about $400 an ounce. The price also decreases with volume, becoming cheaper as more quantity is bought, but only to an extent. It’s not like they will keep loading it onto your truck until it’s free.

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      Depending on the quality of the product, marijuana costs an average of $10 per gram. Eight grams is about $80. The average price on an ounce is usually around $200 but can get as high as $350. Prices also vary by region in which it is purchased with urban areas costing more.

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