How Much Does New Hampshire Marijuana Cost?

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    How much does marijuana cost per gram, eight and ounce in New Hampshire.

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    If you are looking to buy high-quality marijuana in New Hampshire then you should be expecting to pay somewhere in the range of $20 for a gram, $50 for an eighth, and $350 for an ounce. Prices can vary but those are sort of the standard prices that you should hope to pay.

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    Chief wanna dubbie

    Great pot, as reported by consumers, is most expensive, where an ounce goes for $400. Other states in which users report comparatively high prices for illegal weed include Iowa, New Hampshire.

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    The prices can vary depending on the location. Locals in New Hampshire as a whole are reporting marijuana prices of approximately $10 to $20 a gram. $40 to $50 an eighth. $80 to $100 a quarter. And anywhere from $250-$350 on average for an ounce. The quality of said marijuana seems to range from medium to high grade. Some locals have complained of short supply for high grade marijuana and overprice from local dealers due to it’s still illegal status apart from medical prescriptions.

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