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      How much does marijuana cost per gram, eight and ounce in Delaware.

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      Obviously the prices of pot in Delaware vary greatly but are notably cheaper, even legally, than neighboring states such as NY. $10-$20 will net you a gram. $35-$50 an eighth, and $50-$100 will get you a quarter. The laws are strict though about crossing state lines with the intent to resell, so be warned. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

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      The average price of high quality weed in Delaware, United States is $347.89. High Quality one ounce $347.89 and $20 a gram medium quality.

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      Marijuana possession is still illegal in Delaware outside of the medical marijuana program. A gram from a medical dispensary costs $17. An eighth of an ounce costs approximately $55, and an ounce would be $350 to $400. Street prices for illegal marijuana vary from $10-$20 for a gram, $35-$50 for an eighth of an ounce and $50-$100 for a quarter of an ounce.

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