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      How much does marijuana cost per gram, eight and ounce in Colorado.

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      Recreational marijuana prices can very in Colorado. In a big city like Denver, prices tend to be much lower than a small mountain town. Almost all retail locations also have a large selection. You might find some low grade stuff for $5 a gram, but the best quality stuff could be over $20 a gram. Some places will give discounts for buying more. For example, $50 eighths or $300 ounces of their best quality and $20 eighths or $100 ounces of their lowest quality.

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      The cost of marijuana in Colorado is as follows. Price per gram of marijuana is $20. The price for an eighth of marijuana is $50. the price per ounce of marijuana is $320. Generally a better quality of product or strain of marijuana commands a higher price in the market. A strain that is not as potent or has a lower THC content will cost significantly lower in price.

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      Marijuana costs in Colorado can vary from day to day. These prices may vary across the state based on location as well as quality of the product. and also The current price for a gram is $10. The current Price for an eighth on average is $20. The current price for a ounce is $180.

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