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      Quick question. I’m interested in buying marijuana when I arrive, but I’m not exactly sure what I need to make that happen in Oregon. Could you help me out?

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      Oregon is one of the easiest states to purchase marijuana, and can be bought at any dispensary as long as you are over the age of 21. Measure 91 passed in Oregon at the end of 2014, and opened up legal recreational sales in the middle of 2015. You do not need anything but an ID and money to buy from dispensary in Oregon.

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      In Oregon, marijuana is legal for adults aged 21 and over. Adults may legally have in their possession up to 8 ounces of marijuana or 4 plants. It can be easily purchased all over the state at any state-licensed recreational or retail store. All you need is a government issued photo id, like a drivers license, to purchase your marijuana. Prices range from ten to forty dollars a gram. Legally, it may only be smoked in private though you will frequently see people disobeying this law.

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