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      Quick question. I’m interested in buying marijuana when I arrive, but I’m not exactly sure what I need to make that happen in New York. Could you help me out?

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      There are a handful of dispensaries in New York that provide medicinal marijuana, and none that sell recreational marijuana. Because of the strict legislation, not many are qualified to purchase marijuana as there are only a couple of conditions that are allowed to use it. Furthermore, it cannot be smoked, the companies must process it into another form.

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      New York law only permits 20 dispensaries and you can buy only from one of them. You would need to have a medical condition by which you must intake the herb and thus a Medical Marijuana id card. The most important of all is that you should be a major and if a minor, then you need to be accompanied by an adult. Among all other states, New York’s law has been very strict with regards to the use.

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      Well I’m not from New York and never been there but I know that the state only allows use for medicinal use. Is that the case? So if you got an MMIC you should have no problem at all. But if its for recreational use I think you should bring your own or just go to a friendly neighborhood/corner and ask for pot to the local drug dealer. The “legal” way would require you to lie and act illegally anyways.

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