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      Quick question. I’m interested in buying marijuana when I arrive, but I’m not exactly sure what I need to make that happen in Delaware. Could you help me out?

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      Marijuana is not legal in the state of Delaware. Only if you are am approved resident with a medical card are you allowed to be in possession of it for private use. The penalty for being caught with under an ounce is generally a summons but anything more and you will be prosecuted. Please note that Delaware itself doesn’t have too many legal dispensaries currently operating yet either.

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      Although smoking weed in Delaware is still quite illegal you can get some medical marijuana from various stores across Delaware; one place is the First State Compassion Center which is open every day except Friday and is also legal (but im not sure if you can get it without a prescription of some sort).

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      The decriminalization law, which took effect in December, made possession by an adult of a “personal use” quantity of marijuana, defined as an ounce or less, a civil offense punishable by a fine of $100, rather than a crime. Simple possession remains a criminal offense for anyone under 18. For those between the ages of 18 and 21, a first offense will result in a civil penalty, while any subsequent offense would be a misdemeanor.

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