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      Quick question. I’m interested in buying marijuana when I arrive, but I’m not exactly sure what I need to make that happen in Connecticut. Could you help me out?

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      Trae Bear

      The easiest way to buy marijuana in Connecticut is to obtain a medical marijuana license.
      To get a medical marijuana card in Connecticut you must meet these qualifying conditions:
      Qualifying patient must be a Connecticut resident.
      Qualifying patient must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older.
      Qualifying patient cannot be an inmate confined in a correctional institution or facility under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Corrections.
      Must have at least one of the qualifying conditions listed as a debilitating medical condition

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      I think I would go to a bar and try to befriend some guys who might have some. If this did not work I would just ask young people I see around if they knew where I could acquire some marijuana. This may seem a little bit dangerous for some though so asking friends in the area might be the best bet.

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      The state of Connecticut does not honor other states medical marijuana cards or prescriptions. You would have to risk bringing your own, which is not advisable. Or risk purchasing marijuana illegally, which is also not advisable. Marijuana use or possession without a state issued medical card, although decriminalized, is still a civil penalty. Any distribution of marijuana outside of licensed dispensaries is a felony.

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