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      What were the steps that Washington D.C. took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      To begin the legalization process a proposal was submitted in January 2014 by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. The required signatures were collected and submitted. The D.C. board of elections certifies the petition and the proposal is put on the ballet. 64.87% of voters voted in favor of Initiative 71. This was the original passing of the bill and the steps that were required.

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      This prevented Initiative 71 from addressing the regulation and legalization of marijuana sales, since a regulatory system would require substantial city expenditure. Thus, Initiative 71 simply legalized possession and personal cultivation. The initiative called for the city council to design an ordinance establishing regulations on marijuana retail sales and enforcement of such regulations.Although almost 65 percent of voters approved legalizing small amounts of marijuana in the nation’s capital, the fate of the measure ultimately rested with the national legislative body in which D.C. voters had no voting representatives. City and federal laws gave Congress a 30-day window to review the city’s measure and either reject it or let it stand. Congress also had the power to restrict Initiative 71 through its control over the city’s budget.

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