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      What were the steps that New Hampshire took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      In July of 2013 Governor Maggie Hassan, signed the first bill allowing the use of medical marijuana. She did, however, insist on changes, which ultimately caused a lot of confusion and major delays in implementing the use of medical marijuana. Patients where finally allowed to register for medical marijuana beginning in November of 2015. It was not until April of 2016 that the first dispensary began operations

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      New Hampshire was able to legalize marijuana by getting a strong community base to rally around what the rest of the nation was trying to do. They were able to let the legislators know that this was very important to them and with such great support from the community they were able to get it done.

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      In June 2013 the New Hampshire Legislature passed House Bill 573 allowing the use of marijuana prescribed by a physician for therapeutic purposes. Not until December of 2015 did the state begin issuing cards by mail to the patients who had been approved by doctors. Currently though, besides for medical use, any other use of marijuana is still Illegal in the state of New Hampshire, and a misdemeanor charge could be issued for possession or use by somebody not prescribed.

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