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      What were the steps that Nevada took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      How did the state of nevada legalize marijuana? Well, first there was a referendum proposed to the general public. After that , the results were tabulated and the successful referendum was proposed to the nevada legislature. Then, the nevada state legislature legalized marijuana and applied the appropriate laws and taxes.

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      If you are referring to medical marijuana, then as early as 2000 Nevada citizens voted on “Question 9,” a constitutional amendment legalizing the possession and use of medical marijuana for authorized patients. Since then much progress has been made along the way to get medicine in the hands of patients. The battle to decriminalize still continues, as Nevada state laws still charge marijuana possession with a misdemeanor. There is another proposition coming up in November to legalize, which has been shot down twice thus far in Nevada.

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      Pro-legalization groups fought for many years to get medical marijuana on the ballet in Nevada. After creating an initiative, later named “Question 9” due to ballet placement, the pro-legalization groups (there were many that contributed with people as well as with financials) battled to get “Question 9” on the ballet. The most important part was getting the signatures required to get the petition on the ballet. Which they succeeded. Once it was approved and placed on the ballet it received a 65% yes by voters for “Question 9” and making medical marijuana legal in Nevada.

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