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      What were the steps that Michigan took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      The steps taken for Michigan to legalize medical marijuana is similar to other states who voted it in. The first step is always starting an initiative, in this case “Proposal 1” was drafted up in early 2008. With heavy support from pro-legalization groups, “Proposal 1” was able to petition the proper amount of signatures to be able to bring “Proposal 1” to the board of elections. Once it was approved, it made it onto the ballet for November 2008, where it approved with 63% voting yes on the proposal.

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      The state of Michigan was able to legalize marijuana by following the ways that other states have done it before. The citizens of the state rallied together and let the legislators know that they really wanted this to be legalized. The legislators took note and were able to get a bill in place that would allow it to be legalized.

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      Recreational consumption of Marijuana is still illegal. However, the state has legalized Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Patients must have a debilitating condition such as Cancer, and a doctor must prescribe a medical Marijuana card. On another note, there are 14 cities, Ann Arbor as an example, that have decriminalized Marijuana. This means that while it is still illegal state wide to possess Marijuana for non-medical reasons, these 14 cities will only issue a small fine, not bring charges against you, if you are caught with small amounts.

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