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      What were the steps that Maine took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      Maine legalized medical marijuana in 1999 by general vote of the state residents. This was followed by civic attempts to decriminalize if not outright legalize at the local level, Portland did so effectively while Lewiston decided not to. After some other attempts, petitioners gathered enough signatures to force the question onto the november ballot despite the governor’s efforts to invalidate those petitions. So the question of across the board legalization is still in limbo.

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      Maine has proposed a 10 percent retail sales tax, in addition to the state’s 5.5 percent sales tax on marijuana and the first $30M in tax revenue from marijuana sales would be spend on construction for schooling buildings. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap gathered more than 61,123 signatures in support to qualify for the ballot. This clears the way for the petition to be submitted to the Legislature.

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      Maine legalized medical marijuana in 1999, but efforts to legalize recreational marijuana were voted down in 2015. Another attempt to legalize recreational marijuana almost did not make it to the ballot, but a judge ruled that disputes about the notary’s signature on the petitions to place it on the ballot. A judge ruled this dispute unreasonable, and the measure appeared on the ballot and passed in April of 2016.

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