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      What were the steps that Illinois took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      I read that Bruce Rauner signed the law and they approved the measure to decriminalize marijuana so they can spend more state money on things that matter rather than non violent marijuana offenses. One of the steps they looked at was the state income they could make from legalizing it, almost 90 million is the figure I have constantly been seeing. They also looked at the harmful effects and found very little drawbacks to legalization and one member of the state government said it made no sense to ruin an 18 year olds life over a little bit of pot.

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      Illinois medical marijuana legalization is quite different from other states. On August 1, 2013 the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn signed a bill that allowed for the first form of medical marijuana legalization in Illinois. It allowed patients to be prescribed up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, the patients must have a specific illness to qualify, there is a list of illnesses that qualify. The patient and prescribing doctor must also have an ongoing relationship for the doctor to prescribe the marijuana. The law went into effect on the first day of January in 2014.

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      Well, the big idea was to turn in a bill into a law. First many many municipalities had to get on board. Next, many communities removed the criminality out of possession of pot. Recently, the senators voted to pass the bill. Then, it has to go through House of Representatives as well. Lastly, they are hoping it will be signed into a law.

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