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      Chief wanna dubbie

      What were the steps that Hawaii took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      The way hawaii legalized marijuana is through a political referendum that included the citizens of hawaii and the state government of hawaii. First, the people of hawaii gathered enough signatures to start the process of political referendum. After that, the referendum was placed on a ballot and the general public voted on the issue.

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      Hawaii passed medical marijuana legalization in the year 2000. Hawaii is a pretty “natural” place, and most of the people their approve and pushed for medical marijuana legalization. Pro-legalization efforts were involved as well, but the people who call Hawaii home pushed their local politicians for a medical marijuana possibility. In the year 2000 the state senate introduced and passed a bill (Senate Bill 862) allowing Hawaiians to have 4 ounces of usable marijuana along with 7 plants.

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      Basically, in 2000 Hawaii became the first state in the US to allow the usage of Marijuana to treat medically ill patients suffering from conditions like cancer and AIDS. In 2015, the governor of Hawaii signed two bills: HB 321, which allowed some marijuana dispensaries to operate, and SB 1291, which strengthens the civil protections of the patients. In 2016, another bill was signed, HB 2707, which expands and improves upon the previous bills. In 2017, more licenses will be issued for new marijuana dispensaries.

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