How Did Delaware Legalize Marijuana?

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    Chief wanna dubbie

    What were the steps that Delaware took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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    The residents of the state of Delaware came together to make sure that those in power knew they really wanted marijuana to be legalized. They held rallies and sign petitions until they got enough support that the legislators had to take notice and take action on this to get it done.

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    The Delaware Senate passed the law to legalize marijuana possession but only less than an ounce is permissible. The governor of Delaware signed it into law shortly after the law was passed. Person under the age of 21 can not have any marijuana in the possession under the new law. The bill passed along party lines as no Republicans voted for it while the Democrats voted for it.

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    Trae Bear

    Marijuana in Delaware was legalized by passing a bill and through wining the majority vote. In Delaware Senate the vote ratio was 12-9 to approve the bill that decriminalizes possession and private use of pot. And as per the bill, a person can carry only 1 ounce of the herb and not more than that.

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