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      What were the steps that Connecticut took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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      Connecticut took a different path than many other states. Instead of being voted on by a ballet, it was pushed by cannabis advocacy groups and eventually led to a bill on May 5 2012 by Connecticut’s state senate. The senate approved the medical marijuana bill and became law when signed by the Governor on June 1st 2012.

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      Connecticut has not legalized marijuana. Possession of small amounts of marijuana under 1/2 ounce were decriminalized in June 2011. You can still be fined up to $500 for possession of small amounts of marijuana. People under 21 would also face a 60 day suspension of their driving privileges. Possession of larger amounts of marijuana can lead to significant jail time and large fines.

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      i believe they had to write down a bill which made it legal. After that the bill has to get passed by the state and its governor people voted in its favor and thats how it got passed.

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