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    What were the steps that California took to legalize marijuana as a state?

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    In 1996, State of California approved the proposition 215, also known as the “Compassionate Use Act”. This prop allows people with different illness such as AIDS, Cancer to obtain or grow medical marijuana if recommended by a Doctor.
    Later in 2003, Senate Bill 420 was signed by Governor Gray Davis. It gives an identification card for every medical marijuana consumer.

    In 2009 a Bill introduced by Tom Ammiano tried to legalized the consumption of marijuana by anyone over 21 years old within the state. However, after appearing on the November 2010 ballot it was rejected by 54% to 46%.

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    There were many people in California that we’re pushing to make marijuana legalized. Some of them were powerful people and they talked to legislators and lobbied for it to become legalized. The legislators understood all of the benefits ranging from taxation and jobs and were able to push the bill through.

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    California was one of the first states to start a program to legalize medical marijuana starting in 1996, but it is yet to be legal for recreational use. Currently it is not a crime, just an infraction, to be in possession of cannabis. However, there is a bill being voted on during November 2016 that will make the final determinations and modify the current statutes. So, it’s in the works!

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    The previous posts have made some good points in regards to medical marijuana legalization, and I would like to add that in 1975, California was the second state in the country to decriminalize marijuana, after Oregon did in 1973.

    Today, recreational marijuana legalization is on the ballot for the November 2016 election, and will determine if adults over the age of 21 will be able to legally purchase and possess marijuana. If the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or Proposition 64 is passed in a few weeks, the state will begin licensing shops.

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    When it was finally legalized for medicinal use. Are the dispensaries allowed to sell the equipment to smoke it or however else it can be used?

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