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      Hi, I am in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve a question regarding a strain,bud,oil or cbd w/thc that can help me with Major Depression Disorder & Anxiety attacks. I have tried several sativa’s & indica’s. I desperately need a “feel good, take the edge off kind of magic wand, HIGH. Most sativa’s seem to induce anxiety for some reason And Indica is nice but they usually make me crash. I wonder is there an in-between? Has anyone heard of a strain called HARMONY? Someone told me it was quite nice & doesn’t cause the anxiety that some sativa’s. I also am​ a “light weight” a little bit goes a LONG way for me so strong strains knock me out. I just want to feel lighter & lifted, NOT baked. I’m resistant to pharmacueticals.(In my opinion antidepressants & psychotropics have made my condition worse.)
      Sorry for the novel. I’m not looking for a cure just some strain that may help provide some quality of life. I’m grateful for any suggestions! If anyone knows where I can find this strain “Harmony” or anything else that may be of some help I can’t tell you how much I appreciate any advice. Thanks so much.

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      Hey Melzonie, thanks for reaching out! Some of my favorite strains for mood enhancement without being too sedative include Cherry Pie, Lavender, and Blue Dream. I also recently found some high CBD strains that bring almost pure mood elevation without much of a stoney buzz. Amazing Grace was incredible with almost 60% CBD and less than 7% THC – other old CBD favorites include Charlotte’s Web and AC/DC.
      For Indicas one of my all time favorites would be God’s Gift. While it does typically put me down a bit, it makes me feel very peaceful too, and stress and anxiety melt away.
      I haven’t heard of HARMONY, but if you do find some, please post again and let us know what it was like! I will sure keep my eyes out for it around Seattle. Thanks for posting, and I hope this response was helpful!

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      Hi Melzonie! I’m not incredibly familiar with specific strains, especially those that are available in CO, but I too am a huge light weight, I get anxious when I dabble in high potency sativas, and I crash when I smoke indicas. I prefer moderately potent CBD strains and CBD heavy vape cartridges to keep my mind elevated and my body at peace. I typically won’t go for anything above 24% totals, and the more CBD dominant the strain the better I feel. I’m usually not trying to get baked, just take a load off and slow things down a bit. I’m not qualified to give you any advice on fighting depression, but I’ve found that 10%-15% CBD with a lower concentration of THC allows me to keep my head straight and still feel very relaxed and at ease with my surroundings. I also really like the 10:1 CBD vape cartridges, as they’re super convenient and allow me cool down whenever necessary. The 15:1 cartridges don’t have much psychological effect on me, and I think that effect is necessary in conjunction with high CBD to get me in the right head space. I hope that helps a little and I hope you find something that brings you some peace!

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      As others have mentioned, a CBD strain may be right up your alley.

      For me, Chocolope has always been a stress-free sativa strain. It doesn’t have the anxiety that I find with other sativas, and actually relaxes me like an Indica without being too sleepy.

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