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    Dahab, egypt

    For starters, this trip happened well before the Arab Spring, so politics on the ground have changed dramatically. Check with the State Department before traveling anywhere in you not certain about.

    We were spending time in Egypt and decided to get out of town to the Sinai Peninsula, home to Mt. Sinai, the Blue Hole and Bedouins, a traditionally nomadic culture of that region. We went from there to Dahab, a small fishing village on the Red Sea. Dahab is not built up like Sharm El Sheikh. It attracts divers and alternative, ‘hippie types’, as the guide books say. It attracts travelers from all over the world.

    You could get an Ayurvedic massage in a hut just off the beach and have fresh ginger tea and shark steak all for the price of a meal in the States. The open air bars beachside hookah lounges are happy to set you up with some shisha. Our waiter offered to get me some weed for late, but not for smoking in public. The hash is as prevalent in Egypt as bud. The bud was busted looking and would never pass muster by today’s rec standards, even lowest shelf. The hash is bound to be better and made by folks who have made hash for generations in some cases.

    I slept in a thatched hut on the beach for mere dollars and smoked a fair amount of weed unbothered late at night. Is it worth the risk? These days, no way.

    Drug laws are very strict in Egypt. Is it worth even trying to get high in a place where you risk lockup for years in potentially very dangerous conditions? I say no.

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