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    Costa Rican MarijuanaMy brother and I try to go on annual vacations together called “Bro-cations.” Last summer we decided to go to Costa Rica. This trip came together last minute meaning I was invited on Thursday and left on Friday. Once I landed, we met up in the airport and made our way to a little hostel in San Jose for the night. In the morning we made our way to the major bus station in San Jose and got the first bus to Manuel Antonio.

    Manuel Antonio is a beautiful place with amazing beaches! It’s was a bit pricey compared to other towns, but it should definitely be on everyone’s list of places to visit in Costa Rica. Once we got to Manuel Antonio, we started asking bar tenders and servers at the restaurant if they had any weed. One guy said he would sell us an 1/8th for $100, but we respectfully declined and told him that the price was ridiculous. Another guy heard we were looking for some weed and ended up giving us an 1/8th for $50. Still a bit steep, but we were on vacation. We ended up partying pretty hard since it was our first real night in Cost Rica. We took a taxi to another bar up the street with a massive cargo plane as part of the restaurant/bar. This place was awesome. It was a week night so it was kind of quiet, but you can order drinks from sitting in the cockpit of the plane!

    After a few more drinks and debauchery it was time to head back to our hotel. We finally pulled out the weed and papers we bought to roll a joint. Once we rolled a nice fatty, we decided to go smoke it on the beach. Once we made it down to the beach we realized that there was no one else on the beach and that we had the whole place to ourselves. It was a full moon so we decided to climb a tree and look out over the beach while we smoked. This was probably the most memorable smoke session I’ve ever had. We actually got decent weed. It was still green and very sticky. It must have been a sativa strain considering that we were on the equator and it had a citrus/lemony smell. We were motivated to go swimming under the full moon after smoking which should be a testament to it’s genetic orgin. The weed we bought that night lasted the rest of the trip, but we realized that it’s much easier weed to get in Jaco. Once we arrived in Jaco, everyone was trying to sell you drugs. It was all over the place. Weed is not legal in Costa Rica, but it’s everywhere and easy to get.

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