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      St. Marteen
      Thousands of tourists pile aboard cruise ships every year for Caribbean vacations. The cruises are floating malls filled with 24 hours of food options, mediocre entertainment, gyms, spas, casinos and lots of people you don’t want to see half naked by the pool. So why did I go on a Carnival ship for a week filled with people I would probably never hang out with anywhere else? Because that was the speed of my partner at that time. He didn’t want the Mr. Toad’s wild ride in a rented beater car to some unknown adventure in a third world. That had been my pattern. He wanted the Disney version of that, everything watered down, safe, predictable with lots of great photo memories. St. Marteen and her neighbors it was.

      I shouldn’t talk too much shit about the experience. We did have lots of fun despite it all. We brought our own liquor on board and enough weed that would get us to the first port. We had been upgraded to a large porch on the back of the ship with walls blocking out any nosy neighbors and lounge chairs ready for tanning minus the tan lines.

      We hooked up with some weed thanks to a cab driver who “took us to see a friend” in what was a very poor and rough neighborhood. It was cheap and mids quality, noting special at all, but we bought a nice size sack for the rest of the trip. Not unlike Jamaica or Belize, the weed was full of seeds and roughly handled. Although not top shelf, it did have that flavor I associate with sun-grown heirloom bud like a Durban. It got you high if you smoked enough of it.

      There were K-9 units on the pier as we all boarded for the next port. We walked casually away from them and towards the waiting ship unmolested by that bullshit, but it could have gone down very differently. Very differently. We enjoyed that sack of weed very openly all week on the porch without a complaint.

      Be careful though. Don’t go to the Caribbean for weed, seeds maybe but not bud.

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