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    I’ve been doing some research, and figured I’d ask on here. Are you allowed to fly with marijuana in Washington? What if I’m just flying instate?

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    No, you cannot fly anywhere with marijuana. Commercial airports and airlines are under Federal jurisdiction. Marijuana remains illegal under Federal law and the TSA does not respect local law. Where you are flying does not matter as the marijuana becomes illegal as soon as you enter a commercial airport. The TSA may just warn you, but they also could prosecute you.

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    No, although marijuana is now legal in Colorado, WA and OR, the laws have not changed on the federal level. US airports are governed by federal law which states marijuana is not allowed in secure areas of the airport (beyond TSA security). The U.S. federal government does not allow marijuana on airliners, checked baggage, carry on’s or cargo. Medical marijuana has the same federal restrictions as marijuana used for recreational use.

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    Trae Bear

    No you are not allowed to fly with marijuana anywhere in the United States. Because you will be travelling across states, you are subject to United States federal law. Federal laws prohibit the transfer of scheduled drugs so you would most likely run into trafficking charges. It is never a good idea to transport drugs across state lines and if caught, will almost certainly result in significant criminal charges.

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