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    I’ve been doing some research, and figured I’d ask on here. Are you allowed to fly with marijuana in Nevada? What if I’m just flying instate?

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    It depends on how you are flying. But if you are going though any screening, it can be a bad idea, even if legally bought due to federal restrictions. TSA has commented that they are not actively searching for marijuana, but if they come across it they will refer it to Law Enforcement. This could result in missing flights, or possible charges in federal loopholes.

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    In Nevada medical marijuana has been legal since in 2000, you can have up to an ounce with no problems. Keep in mind that the recreational laws have not yet been approved so you will still need a medical license to have the stuff. If you are a non patient then you can get a fine of $600 or more for your first offense up to an ounce. If you have over 2 ounces you can go to jail. For flying on a plain you cannot do this even if you have medical license to have the stuff. This is probably because it is being transported and so you are potentially taking it into different states with different laws.

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    No, you cannot fly anywhere with marijuana. Commercial airports and airlines are under Federal jurisdiction. Marijuana remains illegal under Federal law and the TSA does not respect local law. Where you are flying does not matter as the marijuana becomes illegal as soon as you enter a commercial airport. The TSA may just warn you, but they also could prosecute you.

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