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      Do you need a medical card to buy the medicinal strains in Colorado, specifically CBD oil (real CBD, not the industrial hemp versions)? I am confused because many of the dispensaries seem to list the CBD oil under their medical menu.
      Also, does anyone have recommendations of dispensaries to buy CBD oil in Colorado?
      Thank you greatly for your help.

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      Chase N

      Hey Shaun,

      I finally have an answer for you.

      This is straight from Joey the owner of Ajoya in Colorado:

      “There are medicinal strains on the retail market as well as the medical market. Some centers carry them and some don’t. At Ajoya, we grow Harla-Tsu (last tested at 9% CBD & 6% THC) and Canna-Tsu (last tested at 21% CBD & 1% THC). And we generally process some of it into oil as well. We also have a variety of other infused CBD products. ”

      I hope this helps. Have a great trip out to Colorado!

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      Thanks so much for all the information and getting back to me. Much appreciated!

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      Hello shaund,
      I see you were confused a while back about buying cbd oil at Colorado. I have done my research on cbd oil and it seems that it will help me. I would appreciate if you have any recommendations of buying the CBD oil at Colorado. Thanks


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      This is pretty interesting.

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      Thanks for the information!

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      Hi Shaun,

      If you’re in Denver, CO there are a lot of CBD oil options. Native Roots off 16th Street Mall has just re-opened as a 100% CBD dispensary.

      Also, we curate our own offering of CBD at the My 420 Tours gift shop. We work with local, full spectrum makers like Ambary Gardens and VESL — the tour guests love that they can take these products with them legally across state lines!

      Here’s a post we recently did on cannabis oil. I also recommend our Concentrates Class if you’re in town!

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      When you’ve acquired it, you can purchase weed CBD oil in Colorado in both therapeutic and recreational dispensaries. Remember that weed CBD oil has more elevated amounts of THC, which means it has psychoactive properties. In the event that you need a non-inebriating type of CBD, settle on the hemp-determined CBD oil.

      When all is said in done, CBD oil is progressively reasonable in Colorado. Sound challenge between the few dispensaries in the state prompts aggressive costs on superb oils. … Truth be told, at Infinite Wellness, you can purchase four enacted oils at a unimaginable cost of $50.

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