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    I’m looking for some of the best smoke spots in Seattle. There are parks all over the place, but I’m looking for the best spots based on privacy, the view, near by restaurants, and whatever else you can think of.


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    Marymore Park

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    Chase N

    There’s a bunch of little beaches along Lake Washington in Madison Park as well.

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    Waterfall Garden is a really cool and secluded place to smoke depending on how busy it is. It is on 2nd avenue near occidental square downtown.

    Discovery Park is another good one. Lots of little secret spots you can duck away at and toke up.

    Denny Blaine park on Lake Washington blvd and Bhy Kracke park in queen-anne are probably two of the best kept stoner secrets in the Seattle area. Shhh, dont tell anyone 🙂

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    You got to hit up Freeway park if you want to light up. It got a nice view over the city and there are plenty of spots where you can do your thing with a bit of privacy. Locals go there to smoke all the time. Freeway park really has every thing you are looking for.

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    Carkeek park might be your best bet. Usually it’s empty and you have all the privacy you want. But if anyone is there they are probably even higher than you, and there’s plenty of space to go be by yourself somewhere if that’s what you want. Plus there is a ton of stuff around if you walk out of the park. Best of both worlds.

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    There are so many places near the freeway park to light up with and enjoy in additional park bench is one of the best place to stick with. You can add another best place that is Discovery Park as well. It is also one of the best place to enjoy the solitude and have fulfill our desire.

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    Yeah def, Freeway Park is the place to go. Nobody really bothers you so it’s very private, the view is amazing, lots of places to eat after to cure the munchies, and either just going to chill alone or with friends is a great place. Favorite place to go smoke hands down and ALWAYS have an enjoyable time. Happy Smoking!

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    Seattle has tons of great outdoor spaces but, it can be hard to find privacy in any of them. One of my favorite places to chill, relax and reflect is in Alki Beach Park. To me the park itself doesn’t seem nearly as crowded as the others. Personally, I like to walk all the way out to the head, build a bonfire, and wash the water on Elliott Bay. Super relaxing and secluded.

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    Hitt’s Hill Park is a great spot that’s fairly secluded and very close to downtown, only a couple minutes southeast of downtown proper. You don’t have far to walk once you get there and you get a breathtaking view of the mountains, lakes, and downtown when it’s lit up at night. You might have a little bit of company on the trails but it’s nothing that can’t be avoided by a quick dip off into the woods. You’re probably not going to be the only person out there smoking, either.

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    I’d check out Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park. It is huge and gorgeous, although you may have to go on a walk to find your preferred comfortable toke spot. Not a problem unless you don’t like fresh air and beautiful scenery. If it is raining, you can always take hits in the parking lot. Once you have partaken, Dick’s Drive in is pretty famous for eating when you have the munchies…plus now famous because it was actually in the Munchies series.

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    I love to take the standup paddleboard out onto Lake Union and rip a solar bowl with a magnifying glass! Another great spot is the little beach with tons of driftwood down by the Olympic Sculpture Park. There’s tons of gorgeous art nearby, the spot is fairly small, and you can bring your dogs! Also the view out over the water is stunning! This city has so many wonderful spots! For more information on the Washington State Cannabis Community, click here!

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    Forgot to mention Gasworks – pretty cool spot when you’re lit!

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    Get a discreet vape pen, then it’s virtually anywhere.

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    One of the best places I’ve smoked is on the benches by the Montlake cut, underneath the Montlake Bridge. It’s pretty private, there is a good view, and you can watch the boats go by which is always fun.

    The Ravenna/Cowan park trail is a little more private, and a great place to get in touch with nature.

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