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    Due to Federal bans on smoking although it is legal to purchase, and have marijuana in Yamika, you cannot smoke it in public just like you cannot smoke nicotine in public. So unless you want to pay heavy fines on your vacation you need to avoid smoking in the following places listed on the smoking ban list. In view of the general public, at the retail shop where you bought it,most hotels and other accommodations,restaurants,lounges, clubs, and bars,sports stadiums,concert venues,all federal land, including national parks and national forests and some Indian reservation land. There is one hotel listed that allows smoking outside and may also make special arrangements to for personal health needs . this is the Apple Country Bed and Breakfast.

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    An exciting place with great sights that you really need to visit if you are in Yakima is the Cowiche Canyon Trail. The trail is not very long, it has about three miles, and it’s the perfect walk for you and a few stoner buddies in a morning or afternoon. There are multiple side trails that lead to wineries where you can make a stop for a wine tasting. Make sure that as soon as you get the munchies you are close to Cowiche Canyion Kitchen & Icehouse, place with great food, nice staff and a modern look.

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