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    If you are in Wenatchee during summertime and smoke a joint, the heat can be a real buzz-killer. A great places to cool-off or just go for a walk into is the Ohme Gardens. You will feel a great transition when going there, from a crowded, busy town, you will suddenly reach small pools and lots of privacy. For great, cordial, inviting atmosphere and modern american cuisine, you should choose to go to Shakti’s, one of the local’s favorite restaurant. The prices are fair, the staff is friendly, the serving is quick, the only thing you will be able to complain about is the portions that are way too large to finish.

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    Ohme Gardens is a perfect spot for the travelling smoker who wants to get in touch with nature and enjoy themselves. The name itself almost implies tranquility and meditation. Ohme Gardens is no ordinary place to get your smoke on. Plenty of paths and private locations are available if you are concerned about being seen or smelled. And the views are absolutely incredible, with beautiful waterfalls peppering the landscape along the hike. Take some snacks and bring someone you want to smoke with for a nice relaxing day in the Gardens, offering the maximum amount of natures splendor in one great location.

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