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      Vail Colorado is known for their great mountain areas, but unless you want to be smoking with a ton of other strangers, I recommend a better place to go for a smoke. I would recommend instead going on a fly fishing trip. They pick you up from a central meeting location and you get to go fly fishing for the day. They let you know all the keys to catching fish but its also an amazingly relaxing and peaceful day out on the water. It is a perfect scene to enjoy yourself, have a smoke, and maybe catch a few fish while you are at it.

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      The usual problem for smoking marijuana is the state of Colorado is that using the drug in public is typically prohibited. If you are going to light up, it is wise to be very discreet about it. There are a couple good places to smoke if you are willing to the put the effort to go to these places. The Gondola One going up to Vail Mountain is a good spot especially since you are alone in lift giving you time to smoke. Another good choice is hiking the Booth Falls Trail that leads to a waterfall since you can typically find time to smoke in private while on the trail.

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      Marijuana is technically illegal to use on Vail Mountain and in the town of VailThere are no recreational marijuana shops in Vail
      Neither of these things present a significant challenge if you want to check out Colorado’s pot shops while you are on vacation in Vail.
      You may to have travel out of Vail if you want to try some Colorado Green.

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