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      Beautiful and as easy as you could ever want for kids of all ages. Teeming with flora and fauna at all times of year. Woods, wetlands, and a pretty nice little nature center. Clean bathrooms, friendly staff, constantly maintained/improving trails. Sort of a choose-your-own adventure trail length, too, since there are various entrances and exits to Merlot and SW 170th as well as the Milikan parking lot entrance. Immediately accessible to the platform at the Merlot Max station. Good for a moseying stroll or an easy, breezy jog. This is more of a nice forest park stroll. It’s close to my home and it’s nice to run or walk and enjoy nature. Well maintained beautiful woods.

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      Browns Ferry Park is a hidden gem and a great spot for what you are looking to do. Plenty of privacy and wonderful views are throughout the area, just do some searching and pick one you like. You can smoke anywhere there with respect to the few others who might be there. While you are there you might see some very interesting birds you’ve never seen before, which is always cool. The place is known for it’s bird watching. Kayak rentals are also available in the park, and it has plenty of benches and tables to sit at and look for ducks, heron, and geese.

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      Who doesn’t enjoy getting slowy carried away by water on a boat after smoking a joint? Well.. I suppose nobody. With that being said, finding yourself in Tualatin gives you the great opportunity to carry out this trip in Browns Ferry Park. So grab a few friends, roll, light, smoke, rent a kayak and start drifting on these clear waters as you watch the birds take off. As soon as you’re done paddling, head towards Bambuza Vietnam Grill to calm your munchies with some vietnamese specialities made from the freshest ingredients. If you’re thinking about staying overnight, the Century Hotel will most likely be a more than satisfying choice, having decent size, clean, comfy rooms with a balcony in case you feel you could smoke some more.

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