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    There are so many awesome places in Troutdale that you can go to hang out and be one with nature. Sandy River Delta Park is an excellent place to go over by the river. This is a huge area with so many great things to see and do. You could spend so much time hanging out at this park and still not even see all of it. Come on down and toke your next joint here and you will be glad that this is the place that you chose.

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    On the west side of Sandy River Delta Park looks pretty good. You could park on one of the trails that come off of I-84 and it’s a short walk down to the river. You’d have a great view as you smoke, and the roads through the park are pretty well covered so no one should notice a car there. There’s no houses across the river, either, so no worries about someone spotting you from there. Just a short ways down I-84 is a DQ, which would lead to some easy snacking after. Great view, private, and good food nearby, what more could you ask for?

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