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      Visiting Tri-Cities, any local can tell you that the main attraction and the largest natural resort is the Howard Amon Park. So a nice relaxing afternoon watching the ducks from a bench while rolling a spliff sounds like the natural thing to do. By the time you are done throwing rocks in the river, the place you need to go for food and most importantly, one of the best wine tasting place around is the Goose Ridge Winery. WithfFriendly staff and good prices, this place will make the rest of your day very enjoyable.

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      There are many smoking spots are there in Tri-Cities. The best places are clubs where no objection is made while smoking and the clubs may charge you some membership fees .Try to use joints while smoking in the places near restaurents or public places and the best way is smoke in a washroom where privacy is there and it is available at all places and near by restaurents too.

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