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      If you are in Thornton and are looking for a good place to smoke weed in the first place to beach it would suggest is to go to Carpenter Park at 3498 East 112th Avenue. This is a really cool park with lots of great scenery outside where you can have a good time. Another good park nearby is the Woodlands / Brookshire Park. These both are very close to each other and you could have from one to the other in between your joints. Go on down and see the cool scenery that you can find at these two fun places.

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      In Thornton there’s a good spot called “The Hill” which as the name suggests it’s a little beautiful hill surrounded by nature. Privacy is not a problem since there are few visitors on the place. Regarding the views this might be the best spot in all the city, the sunset from this Little hill is as beautiful as it gets, however it has one small downside, there are no restaurants nearby. Keeping that in mind however it’s easy to arrange a good smoke session by getting some food before going to the hill. There are no trees to hang some hammock, so a good advice is to bring some beach chairs to enjoy the sunset while having a good smoke.

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