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      I’m looking for some of the best smoke spots in Spokane. There are parks all over the place, but I’m looking for the best spots based on privacy, the view, near by restaurants, and whatever else you can think of.

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      There are many smoking spots are there in Spokane.The best places are clubs where no objection is made while smoking and the clubs may charge you some membership fees .Try to use joints while smoking in the places near restaurents or public places and the best way is smoke in a washroom where privacy is there and it is available at all places and near by restaurents too.

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      It might be a little too popular but Cliff Drive offers a fantastic view of Spokane. I would recommend going early in the morning or maybe mid afternoon during the week. It gets a little crowded with teenagers looking to “hold hands.” Bottom line though – it’s a great spot to chill. Most likely you could probably find a few other people if you were in a social mood, but stick with the times that I mentioned and you could also have a relaxing night.


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      You might want to hit up the skatepark near the freeway. That place is pretty popular and you can easily acquire the g supplies that you need. It is not the greatest view, but it is close by other businesses so it is convenient if you want to grab a bite.

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      I used to live in Western Washington for a while so I am not too familiar with Spokane but I do know of a couple spots. If you like to hike, Dishman Hills and Iller Creek are really good spots. You will not run into many people, the view is amazing, and they aren’t too far out of Spokane so you can find a restaurant on the way back easily.

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      When I visited in the past I went to the waterfall by Palisades park based on a friends’ recommendation. It was cool and chill, especially if you are up for a hike. Other places I went to were Beacon Hill. I want to second that Dishman Hills too. There are places all over if you search well enough.

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      Spokane Falls is a don’t miss experience for any chill trip to Spokane. Sit on the rocks wherever you feel comfortable and enjoy the waterfall and the sounds of nature while you relax. If you’re going for a good view and trying to get back in touch with nature with the plant, this spot is a no-brainer.

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      I wish I could say, “wherever you want. We legalized it!” But, “Public consumption” is still illegal.

      When I lived there, (before they legalized it), we’d just light up in the car. I wouldn’t feel comfortable lighting up in a restroom unless it was like the neighborhood bar or a place I knew. If the owners want, they could 86 you and be within their rights.

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      The Moore Turner Heritage Gardens are a great spot. As a bonus, they are located right off of Cliff Drive, which locals and tourists alike recognize as the best view of Spokane. The Heritage Garden has, as one would expect, beautiful foliage. But, it also offers great seclusion. One of my favorite spots is near the west end of the pond. Always calm, always quiet, always beautiful.

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