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      Anytime the you are in Oregon you’re going to be able to find some really cool places to hang around outside. There is such great natural beauty in this state that there will always be fun places to go. If you were struggling to find some money around then you could try out Pioneer City Park on Jonquil Terrace in Sherwood. This is one of the coolest parks in the city and you will definitely find many attractions here to kill the time. Take a walk along the paths and you will find me interesting places to sit and enjoy your day.

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      I think the Stella Olson Park is one of the best spots in Sherwood that you can find. It is very open and has plenty of places to relax and be at one with nature. It is very private and there is plenty going on around the park if you would like to venture around for restaurants or just go for a good hike and find a good place to hang out. You will not be disappointed with the set up of the park and all the availability it represents for you. I hope you enjoy the area and maybe I will see you there sometime soon.

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      I would recommend going to Ponzi Vineyards. They have a breathtaking patio looking out over all these trees and vegetation. It truly is a relaxing experience while you can sip on some wine and relax and have a smoke. They offer small plates of food too so you can have a bite while you are relaxing. They have a great cheese selection, which I would recommend for the afternoon. They offer some of the best views in the area and their wine is not half bad either. I think you would really enjoy this place so you should check it out!

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