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      Mount Hood National Forest is by far the most beautiful place. You won’t have to go far to find an ideal spot. The river is gorgeous and the wildlife is teaming. I could spend weeks there camping if I had the chance. I have seen others toking it up in the area too, and it seems like it is a friendly area. I’d say to bring your fishing pole as well!

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      Skidmore bluffs in Portland is an excellent spot light up. There are many cliffs overlooking beautiful views. This area is great for sitting and watching the sun go down on a warm blanket. There is also a beautiful lake there to admire. Next, I think you would enjoy an awesome laser show at OSMI. The bright lights and swirled motion is guaranteed to boost your highs. Hike Forest Park is a location that has many hiking trails. The good thing about this park is that if you get lost, you will end up at the zoo. There are endless spots to stop and take a smoke in privacy. Most spots located near Portland.

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      For those that love to smoke while in the great outdoors, Eagle Creek trail and McIntyre Ridge trail are really good spots to unwind and enjoy all the beauty that Oregon offers. Both trails are not terribly far from Sandy. They are each very long (20+ miles) so don’t expect to wait to smoke when you’ve reached the endpoint. But there are tons of great places to pull off and just hang out. McIntyre is the easier trail to traverse, and is known for being a great spot for bird watching. I’ve never found it hard to get some privacy as both trails are not terribly crowded.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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