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    Riverside Park seems like a pretty nice area. It’s right near the Arkansas River, which would be a great view while smoking, and there’s a lot of trees in the area. Across the river there aren’t any houses, which would mean better privacy, and there’s a public parking lot right nearby. Best of all, it’s right near a bunch of places to eat, such as The Fritz, Little Cambodia, and Mama D’s, all of which are very highly rated. It’s also within easy walking distance to a number of bars, in case you’re out one night and feel like taking a quick walk to have a smoke.

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    Trae Bear

    Colorado is the state that is known for its great natural beauty so it is never hard to find some cool places to go out and hang out. Some of our favorites in this area are Riverside Park and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. They are both located right next to each other and you can have from one to the other in no time at all. There are many great things to see here and you can spend the day walking along the water and finding all sorts of interesting areas to hang out.

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