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      I’m looking for some of the best smoke spots in Eugene. There are parks all over the place, but I’m looking for the best spots based on privacy, the view, near by restaurants, and whatever else you can think of.

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      You should try the Owen Rose Garden in Eugene. It is a really cool looking spot and there usually aren’t that many people there unless there is a wedding being held. There are plently of spots where you can enjoy the view and doing you thing without people running into you.

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      Skinner Butte is a really cool place to smoke. You’re relatively private and the view is fantastic, I highly recommend because people will leave you alone and go about their business.

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      Smoking in parks is no longer legal in Salem, but there’s a pond/lake near Geer Community Park that you could find some privacy at and not be bothered. The spot is right near 3 smoke related businesses in Four Corners right down the street, so make sure to check those out while you’re there.

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      I highly recommend as the previous posters said above Skinner Butte and Owen Rose Garden, They are both private, Skinner Butte has more a view that you are looking for Also, I know that you looking for area in the Eugene area but if you check out Mckenzie Orchards B&B Inn in Spring Field that is very private, The hotels policy is they allow outdoor canabis use in the smoking area. The view is beautiful and it’s a gorgouse inn located on the Mckenzie River and they serve wine and appetizers. Any of the choices would be the best bet. Enjoy (:

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      It’s a few miles from Salem but if you’re up for the journey, I’d definitely check out Breitenbush Hot Springs. It’s basically nature’s spa and who wouldn’t want to burn one down and soak in a massive, natural hot tub. You can make it a day trip or if you’re inclined you can even stay overnight in your choice of tent or fully furnished cabin complete with bathroom and comfy bed.

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      Minto-Brown Island Park right off the Willamette River is a great spot. There are both open and wooded areas but be sure to bring the bug repellent. A small hike through the trees to find a toke spot then a relaxing walk to the river is always great. Plus you can bring your dog if you want and the people seem really friendly there on most occasions. It is the largest park in the whole area.

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