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    Smoking in public is illegal, but there are a few places that allow smoking marijuana, such as, iBake Lounge, 6125 Washington St. El Chapultepec, 1962 Market St.,Sancho’s Broken Arrow, 741 E. Colfax Ave. If you find yourself hungry after smoking late at night, there is also a pizza place that delivers until 4:20 AM called Mary Jane’s Pizza, on 2013 W. 32nd Ave.

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    Whenever you smoke weed one of the best things you can do is hang out outside and enjoy the environment. There is just something about being high and being one with nature that makes it so much better. If you are interested and are looking for a fun place to go smoke some weed then you should check out Jones Park or Cedar River Trail.
    These are two of the best parks in town where you can have a great time with nature and enjoying your greater. Head out there someday and have a great time and you will not regret that you did it.

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    I think the best spots to smoke at are near the park. You can find private areas in the woods, and I think this is a good spot to connect with nature while you smoke. I like lakes, so a lot of times I try to find parks where I can smoke in isolation and then go for a walk in the park around a lake. I also like to venture out of the city and go for a hike in the mountains while smoking. If you can find the right sort of trail, it can be quite private, plus the views can be fantastic.

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