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      While driving by Poulsbo, there are several outdoor parks worth visiting and smoking in, like the Kitsap Memorial State Park. But the one thing a stoner really has to do in Poulsbo is visit Boehm’s Chocolates, a downtown store. From a chocolate lover to another, I’m telling you- this place is really special. From the dipped chocolates to the many sorts of ice creams, you cannot leave here dissapointed. The prices are a little high but we all know that quality must be payed for.

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      Poulsbo’s Fish Park would be the best place as far as I know. Having lived in this place for quite some time, I have never ever felt any place as comfortable as this. It’s like you are at home, all alone and can do any stuff there (you know what I mean). This place also includes crowded areas, so try to choose the best time where there will be less teenagers looking for some privacy like us. This is a great place to smoke and take a small nap as well and this of course depends on the spot you chose.

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      Try the Green Life spot in Seattle surrounding area. The green life opened in 2015 and since then they have received many awards. They have products with great quality and great service. It is said that they have many classic strains and even new genetic strains that are sure to knock you out. The owners name is James so just for him and be ready to have some fun. Try this place out just for fun. They have an incredible business model with elite customer services to provide a nice visit. they are said to have a great communication which is, very safe, and confidential. My preferred source for all medicinal needs is right here with James, receiving nothing less than top shelf product is my main concern these days.

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