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      Visiting Pagosa Springs, Colorado, one of the best places you can get baked is by the Treasure Falls, but this adventure involves a lot of hiking, and, if you are not in your best physical shape this can get tiring. So what I will suggest is you should get to Wolf Creek Ski resort, take a few puffs than enjoy an entertaining day skiing with your stoner friends. You can find really good and patient ski instructor here if you did not get the hang of this yet. When munchies hit, check out Riff Raff Brewing Company for some distinct food and good beer.

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      With the question of Pagosa Springs, I would ask what element you want to experience the most. If you’re into getting some air and a great sky high view, the Lobo Overlook and Radio Tower offers the view of a lifetime. Also high in the sky is the Chimney Rock National Monument. There’s also Hot Air Balloon rides offered locally, but I don’t know if they’re keen on people smoking on the ride though. If you’re trying to do the Earth thing, take a stroll through the beautiful forest in Elwood Pass. And if you feel most comfortable in water, check out my ultimate overall recommendation for maximum relaxtion; the Rainbow Hot Springs.

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      I don’t know about you but when I get high I really like to do it outdoors and enjoy the great natural scenery that is around me. Well here the best places to do that would definitely be High Country Tubing Park, Pagosa Riverside Campground, and Mountain Landing Suites. These are 3 awesome places with so much cool scenery around you where you can just smoke some great weed and chill out for the day. They all offer a little something a little bit different so you can have a great time with each one.

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