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      In a rocky place like Ouray, Colorado, an off road alpine tour sounds like the perfect trip. If you are in the mood for that, you should call Michael from Alpine Scenic Tour! So after a couple of hits from the spliff, this guy Michael will come pick you up and take you to a real adventure through Colorado’s mountains, mines, waterfalls, lakes, creeks and lots of windflowers. Although this might seem dangerous at times, you can totally rely on this skilled driver to get you safe back to your weed.

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      If you’re visiting Ouray and looking for a really chill place to get your relaxation on, you’d be a complete fool to pass up on the hot springs, it’s pretty much what Ouray is known for. Considering marijuana is now 100% completely legal for recreational use in the state of Colorado, privacy should not really be a huge concern. But if it’s still a big issue and you want to keep to yourself, the hot springs in various parks around the area are not exactly in residential areas, and there’s no shortage of “private” spots to sit down and smoke at. You can’t beat the view, and once you feel good, a dip in the springs will change the way you think about relaxing.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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