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      The best place to smoke Marijuana in Newport according to me is the Nye Creek for many reasons. The main reason is that there is the Oregon Coast dispensary very close by that sells marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses. The creek has many spots that assure absolute privacy and open area for you to gaze at the sky and stars while smoking weed. The main public Creek area is a quaint tourist with many small cute shops and restaurants that will surely satisfy your palate. The creek in general has shallow water and is quite safe so you can also take a quick dip.

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      You can smoke anywhere in Oregon, and i’m not sure if you can smoke at all inside anymore, so for this i recommend smoking before entering unless you are imbibing with non-combustion methods. But you must check out the Green Animals Topiary Garden. It’s a beautiful walk through a public garden, and all the shrubs are trimmed to look like animals. It’s a really cool place. Otherwise, there are two lighthouses in Newport. Both are really interesting sites, and you could sit along the rocks by the water and have some privacy to smoke with a really cool view. There’s also the Newport Cliff Walk which is a public area with a nice view.

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