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    A few popular spots to smoke marijuana in Newberg, Oregon are the bank of the Columbia river, Forrest Park, and East Bank. These places are not legal, since it is illegal to smoke in public, but are still very popular for smokers. For a few places that allow marijuana smoking, there is The Ground Kontrol which has video games, Control Voltage and The Goodfoot Lounge.

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    Well there is really only one thing to do in Newberg and that’s visit wineries. Newberg is home to over 20 different wineries. Too many to list here really, you could not visit them all in one day. Maybe pick that appeal to you, or a couple that are in your travelling preferences, and hit them up. If you are not much of a drinker you could do the outdoorsy thing and hit the trails along Chehalem Creek. These trails are very scenic and offer tons of privacy, and are great if you want to get away and get some privacy to smoke. If you wanted to, you could hike the whole trails all the way up Chehalem Mountains.

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    Old thread, I know, but does anyone by chance know where the best place to get some weed in Newberg is? I’m stuck here for the week and a hookup would be nice.

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      My favorite shop in Newberg is the Western Oregon Dispensary. The shop’s address is 1013 N. Springbrook Rd, Newberg, OR 97132, and their phone number is 503-487-6679. You’ll have no problem finding top shelf herb here, and here’s a webpage you can check out Newberg Rec Shops

      Hope this helps!

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