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    The only real place that I could Find in Mukilteo that might be a good smoke spot is Kush Pointe !Kush Pointe is located in Mukilteo,Washington Speedway Suite 111 and is open everyday 10 am to 8pm.
    They serve many different types of Marijuana including Flower blends such as Cactus at $13 bucks a gram.
    Hindu Kush for $35 a eighth,Crypteen which is $80 bucks for 7 Grams Yikes lol, and many more kinds, Also they have Edibles, Concentrates, Topicals,Even pre rolled ready to smoke. if you are in the area or in the market for some good smoke I would go and check out Kush Pointe !

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    Right on Lincoln Avenue sits the Mukilteo Chocolate Company, a great place to stop for some decadent munchies. Smoking anywhere along the way out doors is of course acceptable. The entire area around has some unique shops and cool places to visit. If you want to get out of town and get a great view of the water, head out to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. You can get some absolutely spectacular pictures there at sunset and in the evening. And can sit anywhere along the water on the rocks and chill out for a while. There’s also an indoor raceway in town, but you can’t smoke inside. Great fun though if you’re looking for something more exciting.

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