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      Moses Lake, Washington is home to two medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. Mary Jane’s has a 3 star rating, but with mixed reviews regarding pricing, quality and atmosphere. A better choice may be The Green Seed Marijuana Store which has a 4 star rating with good marks going to service and educating the customer and the product in general. To locate other dispensaries who offer both medical and recreational marijuana, marijuana foods and edibles, marijuana drinks and/or concentrates, you’ll need to travel about 20 miles outside of Moses Lake to Ephrata or Quincy, Washington. Many of the dispensaries, including these two in Moses Lake, are located near or within walking distance of restaurants, shopping and many tourist attractions.

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      Moses Lake likes to pride itself in having “something to do for everyone” so to speak, offering golf courses, waterparks, museums and as they put it “everything under the sun.” However for the smokers niche, I recommend Blue Heron Park. You might see some some locals there swimming in the lake or just relaxing, but they won’t be bothered by your partaking in public. If you’re still worried about it, walk a few yards away as there’s plenty of space for privacy. If you’re into it, bring your disc golf supplies, as the park has an entire disc golf course set up. What’s better than smokin’, swimmin’, and games?

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      Moses lake is loaded with many cool great places for you to go smoke weed. Any time that you are out and make sure you will have a great time too looking on your joint or your bong and Moses lake has some of the best nature in the area. Blue Heron Park, Cascade Campground, and Moses Lake Park are some of the main places that you could go. Or you could just take a long walk around the lake and find the right spot for you. This is one area where you will not have any problems finding cool places to smoke a J.

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