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      Based on what your looking for in Milquakie, Oregon; there are quite a few marijuana smoke shops that I would recommend to you. If your willing to travel, Portland Oregon has many more to choose from, however, Milquakie has a few great ones. My top choice for you would be “Little Amersterdam Wellness Ctr” that is located at 18819 SE McLoughlin Blvd in Milquakie. For what you are looking for, it has great reviews, privacy is highly regarded, the location is excellent and the facility is very profressional with a clean office and a wide variety of product. A helpful resource for you to use to seek other options in the area would be, which provides a directory of dispensaries and smoke shops based on your selected georgraphical choice with a map showing proximities. Good luck on your search!

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      I think you should totally get baked in the parking lot of the Portland Aquarium then go for a visit. The multitude of colors inside will make you feel like you’re on an acid trip. Going through the aquarium surrounded tunnel is a mind numbing experience even without smoking. The fact that you can feed a lot of the animals inside will give you the feeling that you’re in an exotic pet store, but don’t get any ideas – you can’t take the octopus home to smoke with you. Also, keep in mind, this is not just an aquarium- insects, snakes, iguanas and birds can be seen and touched (if u dare) as well!

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